Speech to Text for Deaf Users Aids in Accessibility

Summarized by Amanda Hall

Speech-to-text technology, also known as STT, is becoming more and more popular during the pandemic. Wearing masks makes communication more difficult for deaf and hard of hearing people. However, communication can be easier with the help of a speech-to-text app.

STT technology is used in a lot of programs, but very few apps have been developed for the use of deaf and hard of hearing people. Michael Conley, a San Diego museum worker who is deaf, says he hopes the push for more deaf-friendly apps will make STT available to everyone in the next five years.

Although the pandemic has made STT apps more popular, Conley would like the apps to continue to get better after the pandemic is gone. STT apps can be helpful in increasing accessibility for the 11 million deaf people in the United States.

You can read the full article here.

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