Personal Deaf/HoH Experiences

Hearing Like Me

This website touches on almost every aspect of life as a HoH or deaf person, giving a platform to those all over the world to share their stories. There is an entire section on parenting, schooling, and teens.

Deaf Expressions

Michele, who describes herself as "stone deaf", teaches ASL, writes, and mothers her three hearing children. Her blog focuses on a variety of topics relevant to a deaf person, often with a great deal of humor and sarcasm. It would be difficult to get through a post without at least a smile.

Miss Kat’s Deaf journey

"Miss Kat's" mom shares their life happenings with a daughter who has a bilateral progressive hearing loss. They have chosen the oral approach.

Deaf Child Hope

Deaf Child Hope is a Christian non-profit organization that provides for deaf living in poverty. The blog itself contains a collection of posts from various authors about children of deaf adults, deafness in general, mission trips, Christianity, among other things.

Lipreading Mom

Shortly after having her first child, Shanna Groves developed a progressive hearing loss. Now a mother of three, Shanna seeks to educate people on lip reading and other issues, such as hearing loss bullying.

Parent Stories and Resources

Mommy Speech Therapy

Heidi Hanks is a speech-language pathologist and a mother of four. Along with many posts about speech therapy, special education, and other helpful bits of information, her site offers free printable speech therapy worksheets and a large list of helpful links.

Impaired but Empowered

Prisha's mother uses her blog to demonstrate how her little girl is not impaired, but empowered by her deafness.

Raising a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Children

Blog page of Hands & Voices with a myriad of stories about raising a deaf and hard of hearing childlren. Hands & Voices is a non-profit organization dedicated to parenting and allowing for easier access to information and resources.

Children of Deaf Parents

CODA: Children Of Deaf Adults

This blog is dedicated to Deaf and CODA culture. It appears to have been a school assignment and may have ended in December 2013 as there have been no new posts since then. There is still plenty to read and see here though with multiple pages with general information and facts, ASL media, and deaf humor in the form of ASL videos.

Learn ASL

ASL Deafined

Multiple authors populate this blog about ASL and deaf culture. Posts vary greatly and include poetry, humor, history, and other information.

Living with Cochlear Implants

Cochlear Kids: Country Kids with Cochlear Implants

This blog, called "Cochlear Kids: Country Kids with Cochlear Implants" is about the bloggers experience of raising two children with hearing loss. The blogger has a son with Goldenhar Syndrome and a daughter with moderate/severe hearing loss, and both have cochlear implants. The posts on the blog cover a variety of topics, such as raising money for cochlear implants to her daughters joy at getting her ears pierced.

Deaf News

The Limping Chicken

An independently run, UK-based site dedicated to deaf-related news and blogs. The Limping Chicken is a very popular site with updates every weekday.

Literature and Poetry

American Society for Deaf Children

This site has a directory of ASL stories for kids. You can choose according to the child’s age, a specific holiday, or the book title.

The Indianapolis Public Library: Video Read Alouds for Kids in American Sign Language (ASL)

This site features stories that are read aloud and signed in ASL.

Deaf Characters in Adolescent Literature

Deaf Characters in Adolescent Literature has lists and reviews of books with deaf characters for adolescents and children. She also includes interviews of several of the authors. The blog owner, Sharon Pajka, is a faculty member at Gallaudet University.


This deaf post-graduate student living in Bristol, England is a poet, writer, and role model for deaf kids. His blog posts cover various topics such as identity, sign language, and signed poetry (British Sign Language).

Just For Fun

Shawn Richardson Illustration & Design: Deaf Fun

Shawn Richardson posts entertaining and educational deaf-themed cartoons and illustrations.


Moonbug Kids – Sign Language For Kids (ASL)

Children's songs are illustrated with cartoons while an interpreter signs along. Great for younger kids.

Seek the World

A deaf American adventure vlogger Calvin Young encourages the deaf community to travel the world and break down communication barriers.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Jessica is a UK TV presenter and producer with multiple chronic illnesses and disabilities. In her personal vlog she shares her positive outlook on life, focusing on disabilities, lesbian relationships, and her love of the vintage Hollywood aesthetic. Jessica makes moves with British Sign Language (BSL) to cheesy songs but mostly uses Signed Supported English (SSE) in her daily life. [Some videos touch on mature themes that may not be appropriate for younger children.]

Jessica Flores

Jessica is a comedienne, deaf advocator, and YouTuber. Her purpose for her vlog is to create awareness and bridge the gap between the deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing.


Jazzy is profoundly deaf in both ears. Her first language is British Sign Language (BSL), so she signs with the subtitles on so people can understand what she is saying. She aims to share her positivity and educate hearing people about deaf culture and sign language.

Danny Skits Video

Danny, whose first language is BSL (British Sign Language), posts a bunch of comedy videos, including parodies, joke, vlog, and news.

Cheyenna Clearbrook

On her vlog you can watch a mixed variation of things such as ASL lessons, deaf awareness, and everything about deaf culture. She adds humor while showing the world that deaf people can do anything.

NADvlogs (National Association of the Deaf)

NAD's channel offers a series of vlogs that serves to "preserve, protect, and promote the civil, human, and linguistic rights of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States of America." Web site: National Association of the Deaf

CODA Brothers

These two brothers tell funny stories about life as CODAs through their humorous skits.

Rikki Poynter

Rikki is a lifestyle vlogger who is a self-professed make-up enthusiast. She brings awareness about Deaf and hard of hearing culture all while sharing with us her favorite beauty buys!