KISD’s former qualified, uncertified sign language interpreters welcome at TISD My Deaf Sister and Her Husband Dined at Tatsu Dallas. The Chef and Team Learned ASL For Their Reservation Signing avatar could help Deaf Kiwis order at fast food drive-throughs Windsor Park: Falkirk school for deaf children celebrates 50 years Aunt and uncle inspired by deaf nephew take on Norwich 10k Okanagan Landings students learn Halloween words as part of sign language course ASL takes center stage in ‘Prince Hamlet’ Antigonish man wins literacy award for spreading ASL in community “Ground-breaking” video technology that helps the deaf community wins award First Deaf BSL-users serve as jurors, following two decades of campaigning Edinburgh universities at the forefront of BSL education in Scotland Ipswich man fights ‘humbling’ boxing match for deaf children Ipswich man takes to the ring for deaf children’s charity Cheshire charity DSN helps develop app for Deaf Disney+ viewers Meet the group helping Northern Ireland’s deaf community flourish in employment A national museum about – but not just for – the deaf community Women’s Health to Host First-Ever Closed-Captioned Instagram Live Workout Growing up a CODA, McNeish to give sign language at library Bolton: Parents and National Deaf Children’s Society campaign for new school Local legends: Cambridgeshire’s ‘extreme clown’ entertaining deaf and blind people Learning to sign heightens awareness, empathy for the deaf Deaf teenager inspires MPs in House of Commons Beloved educational assistant who worked with deaf students retiring after 41 years with TDSB Parents of deaf children can more easily learn sign language thanks to powerful tech collaboration Washington School for Deaf students embrace lessons from the tooth fairy Deaf kids on stage: Using theater as therapy Sherborn’s live Nativity was a way to connect with a deaf child — decades later it continues ‘Signing Santa’ makes virtual visit with deaf, hard of hearing students OSU first school in state with bachelor’s degree in American Sign Language Language not auditory experience is related to parent-reported executive functioning in preschool-aged deaf and hard-of-hearing children RIT/NTID project hopes to reduce global deaf literacy gap Black Deaf Creators Are Pushing For Inclusivity Through TikTok Videos American School for the Deaf launches online learning platform Deaf mime brings awareness to Woodland Park students about nonverbal communication How To Learn ASL For Free In Snapchat New superintendent at NMSD understands needs of deaf children All signs point to inclusivity at Kansas City, Kansas, ice cream shop Kaleidoscoops New Google Chrome Extension SignUp Offers ASL Captions for Three Films on Disney Plus Deaf scientists thrive with interpreters and technology This Newark educator returned ‘home’ to teach Deaf students. Now she’s the district’s Teacher of the Year. Faith and fun speak the same language at deaf summer camp New documentary short ‘Audible’ is an intimate portrayal of high schoolers attending Maryland School for the Deaf Delaware School for the Deaf’s ‘small but mighty’ senior class graduates Tompkins Graduate Debuts Children’s Book to Showcase Sign Language, Disabilities as ‘Superpowers’ Activist, Advocate, Educator: Jersey City’s Thyson T. Halley Gives Deaf Community a Voice COVID Masks – A Special Challenge for Deaf A Look into Myles Hunt: The Story of a Deaf Creative’ Paul Taylor Opened the Lines of Telecommunication for the Hearing-Impared Kelly Elementary Robotics Team Strives for Inclusion Film About Deaf Culture Is Breakout Hit at Sundance Smoke Alarms for the Deaf Donated to Etoile VFD Students, Teachers Work through New Challenges The Power of Listening: Three Perspectives from the Deaf Community Deaf Author Ann Clare LeZotte Shows Kids a Sign OPCD, in Coordination with City of New Orleans  and Carbyne, Announces Launch of c-Live Universe Video and Text Chat to 9-1-1 Deaf Rescue Dog Adopted by Speech Pathologist Is Learning Commands in Sign Language ‘Signing Santa’ Comes to Barton Creek Square for Kids Who Are Deaf, Hard of Hearing Speech to Text for Deaf Users Aids in Accessibility Football Coach Doesn’t Let Hearing Impairment Stop Him from Helping Young Players Colts Cheerleader Learns Sign Language to Reach Deaf Fan Base Feeling the music: How Oakland native Antoine Hunter dances professionally while being Deaf The Pandemic’s Impact on Kids in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community Philadelphia School District holds first Deaf and Hard of Hearing Expo Families with deaf, non-verbal children start new educational support group A bilingual app with sign language brings more stories to deaf children Utah #1 in high school completion for deaf, hard of hearing students Activist Wants Deaf Hawkeye in Avengers 4 First-ever ‘Deaf Prom’ held in Fresno for non hearing students Deaf 13-year-old gymnast hopes to compete in 2020 Olympics Profoundly deaf British girl Maisie, aged 6, makes Oscars shortlist with sign language film Event for deaf and hard of hearing helps kids find community Deaf children visit with signing Santa at Bass Pro Bill Of Rights For Deaf, Deafblind, Hard-Of-Hearing For Children Introduced USC program helps develop literacy for deaf and hard-of-hearing children from bilingual homes Conference Celebrates Unprecedented High Literacy Rates Among Deaf Children Parents of Deaf Children, Stuck in the Middle of an Argument A ‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant is vying for a White House correspondents’ Dinner invite These Speakers Fire Focused Beams of Ultrasound for the Hard of Hearing LaVine Continues Connection With Metro Deaf School New state health program to help deaf and hard of hearing children Happy Hands provides education and language foundation for young deaf students Kids at the American School for the Deaf Feel the Beat and Move Their Feet Cheerleaders use ASL to sing national anthem Deaf teen deemed “medically inadmissible” can now join mother in Canada Deaf Caprock High football player encourages others Parents fear deaf children could miss out under privatization of Australian Hearing Maybe They Can’t Hear Pharrell’s ‘Happy,’ but That’s Not Stopping These Kids From Singing Along Emerson’s Maggiulli, deaf student athlete, awarded scholarship Letting the deaf know: You’re not alone Medical team performs auditory brainstem implant surgery on child Manhattan Beach chef Darren Weiss teaches deaf children how to cook at his restaurant Field of dreams for deaf players Utah program helps deaf babies to hear Vernon Hills mom starts Girl Scout Troop for deaf Play for derby deaf children will show dangers of cyber bullies BYU Invention helps deaf planetarium visitors Brazilian teacher helps deaf, blind friend follow World Cup