ASL Alphabet Quiz

Test your skills to see how quickly you can recognize the letters of the asl alphabet. Sporcle has several other ASL quizzes as well.

Deaf Culture and Representation

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PS4 and PS5

This Spider-Man game made headlines for its well informed representation of deaf culture. The game depicts Black deaf actress Natasha Ofili as Hailey Cooper, whose story as a community organizer and street artist aren't overshadowed by her deaf identity. Also exciting to see is Miles Morales having studied sign language and the realistic touches regarding his fluency.


Online choose-your-own-adventure game (requires a free account). In an alternative universe where robots are available to help people with disabilities, a deaf high school student finds a robot in need of help. The student must use empathy, self-awareness, and critical thinking to overcome challenges and save the world.

Board Games and Party Games

Get in Line

A simple icebreaker game that works especially well for groups with both deaf and hearing kids. The group must line up in birthday order without using any verbal communication. With a post-game discussion on what strategies were used, the game can be an opportunity to foster appreciation for diverse methods of communication.


Recommended on, this old-school pick is a 1-on-1 board game version of Capture the Flag. Similar to classic strategy games like chess and checkers, the rules are straightforward and little to no communication is necessary.


Recommended on, this fast-paced card game may be better suited to an all-deaf/HoH group. Players take turns being the 'storyteller', who gives a hint about an image card in their hand. The other players try find a card in their hand that also fits that description and gives it to the storyteller. The storyteller then shuffles the selected cards with the real one and displays them, and the players guess which card was the storyteller's. The storyteller's goal is for at least one player–but not all–to guess correctly; the other players get points for guessing the correct card and also for their own card being guessed.

Best in Deaf Accessibility

Spider-Man for PS4 gives Spider-Man for PS4 a deaf-accessibility rating of 8.1, noting its prominent accessibility settings, structured subtitling, and visual cues.

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