Smoke Alarms for the Deaf Donated to Etoile VFD

Summarized by Amanda Hall

When a hard of hearing person takes out a hearing aid, that person may not be able to hear a fire alarm go off. Lisa Goetzman is Hard of Hearing and recently discovered she could not hear the piercing noise of a fire alarm when she took out her hearing aid.

Instead, Lisa felt the vibrations of a round shaker alarm that she places under her pillow every night. The alarm, along with several others, was donated with the help of the American Red Cross and the Etoile Volunteer Fire Department.

Lisa is Deaf but wears a hearing aid to help her hear a few noises. She became deaf before she was born when her mother contracted a disease called rubella. Her safety was always a concern, but these alarms give her the gift of safety and the knowledge that she can “live longer and be happier.”

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