Play for derby deaf children will show dangers of cyber bullies

Summarized by Rachel Janis, staff writer

The students of Derby’s Royal School for the Deaf are going to be advised on how to stay safe online.

The staff is working with officers from Derbyshire police on the project after concerns were raised about the students’ safety on the internet.

Casting students from the University of Derby, a written play is to be performed that touches on topics like social networking and cyber bullying.

Detective Sergeant Matt Williamson reflects: “A recent case of a young deaf girl being bullied on the internet raised the issue of young deaf people being largely unaware of the dangers the internet can pose in terms of bullying, grooming and the pitfalls of social networking.

“We hope that by promoting safe use of the internet, as well as offering advice and support for youngsters, we can help prevent them from becoming a victim of crime online.”

With this performance and future projects, police will continue to connect with people in Derby who are deaf or hard of hearing, working on new ways to relay safety messages in partnership with Safer Neighborhood officers. 

For the full story here.

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