LaVine Continues Connection With Metro Deaf School

Summarized by Jeni Ten Eyck, staff writer

Zach LaVine, guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves, won the NBA’s 2016 Slam Dunk Contest and donated a portion of his winnings to Metro Deaf School in St. Paul for a new kitchen.

LaVine started learning ASL in high school to fulfill his language requirement, but was captured by Deaf culture and ASL. He started visiting Metro Deaf School to sign with the students and introduce himself, many times without the media present. After visiting a few times, he realized that the school did not have a cafeteria. Instead, the school caters in the food for the meals, which does not give the students a chance to really socialize like LaVine did when he was in school. LaVine decided to donate $10,000 dollars to help the dream of a cafeteria become a reality, which brought smiles to everyone at the school.

Last week’s visit to give the money to the school will certainly not be the last time he visits, though. He promised to come back as long as the students pass their Accelerated Reading tests, but he will probably be back many more times after that. 

To read the original article from the NBA, click here.

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