Event for deaf and hard of hearing helps kids find community

Summarized by Abby Wilson, staff writer

Many young children within the deaf and hard of hearing community find it hard to fit in and communicate with other kids. This is how 8-year-old Carter felt until he attended WYHI, an event for deaf and hard of hearing students, adults, and advocates. Carter went from feeling isolated and lacking interaction with his classmates to seeing other children just like him and learning that he wasn’t alone.

The WYHI event, which is sponsored by the Wyoming Department of Education, has been held for more than 25 years. This event offers many fun activities for children to participate in, such as bowling, dancing, skits, and socializing. The main goal of the event is to help children socialize and gain confidence in themselves. Around 115 kids, including Carter, attended WYHI a few weeks ago and made memories that will last a lifetime. Many of the children who attend this event do not have family and friends at home to effectively communicate with, which makes this event and the friendships that are made there so important. 

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