Deaf teen deemed “medically inadmissible” can now join mother in Canada

Summarized by Christine Nguyen, staff writer

After the controversial decision to deny a deaf Filipino teen permanent residency in Canada so that she can reside with her mother, Ottawa’s immigrant officials have now reversed their decision in the face of public outrage. The officials initially deemed 14-year-old Jazmine Talosig “medically inadmissible;” Ottawa stated that Jazmine’s deafness “could cost Canadians $91,500 for health-related services over five years — despite contrary evidence from the Burnaby school board and the British Columbia Provincial School for the Deaf.” However, B.C. Education Minister Peter Fassbender weighed in on the issue and vouched that “Jazmine would not incur extra costs to taxpayers because she has no additional learning or physical needs.”

Now, with Ottawa’s change of heart, Jazmine and her mother Karen may finally be able to reunite.

“It’s a huge win,” says Adrienne Smith, a lawyer involved in Jazmine’s case. “After five years, Jazmine can finally join her mother. But there is a condition put on her. There is no final admissibility decision yet. It’s still conditional to a positive finding by the immigration department.” 

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