Conference Celebrates Unprecedented High Literacy Rates Among Deaf Children

Summarized by Rachel Wainz, staff writer

The 50th Anniversary of Cued Speech Conference, hosted in Falls Church, VA from July 8-10, celebrates the increasing number of literate persons who are deaf/hard of hearing since the invention of Cued Speech. The conference exists to honor the people who have helped to advance Cued Speech, to provide educational seminars for children, teens, and adults, and to create a place where cuers from around the world to come together and give presentations on their experiences with Cued Speech in their countries.

Cued Speech is proving to be beneficial to more than just the deaf/hard of hearing community; it is also effective in helping children who have special learning needs communicate with their families. Additionally, research has shown that deaf cueing children show strong signs of pre-reading skills, which indicate an ability to read in the future. Since the invention of Cued Speech 50 years ago, research has shown that it helps deaf/hard of hearing children to communicate and promotes both literacy and higher level thinking skills. 

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