A ‘Dancing With the Stars’ contestant is vying for a White House correspondents’ Dinner invite

Summarized by Rachel Wainz, staff writer

Nyle DiMarco is an American model, actor, and Deaf activist. He was the first deaf model to win “America’s Next Top Model,” and the first deaf contestant on last season’s “Dancing with the Stars.” The model was hoping to use the correspondents’ dinner as a way to advocate for the improving of deaf children’s lives by taking advantage of the publicity. Last October, DiMarco helped to pass bill SB-210 in California, which aimed to enhance the education system for deaf and hard-of-hearing children, ensuring that they are kindergarten ready. His main goal was to improve access to sign language education for deaf infants.

Although DiMarco is unable to hear the music he dances to, his ability to pick up on visual cues and outstanding sense of rhythm helped him to succeed on “Dancing With the Stars.” He hopes to use his success and activism to inspire the deaf community, and continues to advocate for the enhancement of access deaf education. 

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