Natalie Leads the Way: Get Involved and Love Learning

On any given day, 17-year-old Natalie is ready to tackle the day with high spirits and a sense of community. Natalie loves volunteering at her church where she assists elementary school students with different projects. She is also a member of several clubs and societies, including the National Honor Society, the National Technical Honor Society, the KEY club, and many more! At school (and out of school), she enjoys learning about law and finances, and she has been a member of the color guard for three years. Natalie also works at JCPenney as a cashier, where she appreciates the opportunity to meet new people and learning new things.

Natalie isn’t all about work but enjoys hanging out with her friends, too. Along with her friends Rebekah and Kendall, Natalie formed a sign language club. The three of them hold meetings and get a pretty good turnout each time. Natalie also loves Disney World – she’s been four times – because it’s a chance to get away from reality and to let go of her worries.

When Natalie was younger, she had colorful and vibrant hearing aids but decided to change them for natural-colored molds when she grew older. When it comes to helping others and making a difference in her community, Natalie is ready to lead the way.