Film About Deaf Culture Is Breakout Hit at Sundance

Summarized by Amanda Hall

This year’s Sundance Film Festival includes a movie titled “CODA.” The CODA acronym stands for “Child of Deaf Adults,” and the fictional movie depicts the story of a hearing girl who grew up with deaf parents. The girl, Ruby, wants to leave the family fishing business to go to the Berklee College of Music.

The movie stars Deaf actors Troy Kotsur, Daniel Durant and Marlee Matlin. Sian Heder, who wrote and directed the film, consulted with ASL experts as well as the cast as she made the movie. Matlin states that “CODA” is “the full package” when it comes to the complex job of the portrayal of the deaf community on screen.

The director is hoping that “CODA” challenges Hollywood. Although Hollywood is starting to utilize a more diverse line of actors, Heder hopes that the movie industry will hire more actors that are deaf.

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