Caitlin Using Her Own Experience As a Deaf Nurse to Help Others

Summarized by Hannah Le

A nurse named Caitlin describes her experience as a Deaf caregiver during the time of COVID-19. She shares her experience on ways in which it was difficult to lip read because of the masks that were required during the pandemic. Her journey of having a hearing aid in one ear and then getting two cochlear implants was a process. By setting an example as a Deaf healthcare worker, it creates inspiration for the Deaf and Hoh. More specifically in that achieving your dreams should not be stopped because of being Deaf or HoH. Her future plans include getting a Ph.D. and partaking in lectures or clinical research. By showing that all kinds of people including those who are Deaf and HoH, can be involved in the healthcare system. She educates societies that anyone can achieve goals of being in the healthcare industry regardless of a person’s background. She is recognized and awarded for being an inspiration for others by showing that someone who is Hard of Hearing can achieve anything if they put their mind to it. 

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