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ASL & Other Communication

All Sign Language
This blog includes a vast array of posts pertinent to those impacted by deafness from multiple contributors thanks to the "Share Your Story" page. What makes this site unique is the addition of deaf musicians, music videos, short films, film trailers, and television series.

Cued Speech
This blog serves as "A Guide for Parents and Professionals of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing" on cued speech.

"Handspeak" is dedicated to the teaching of ASL. This site is very thorough and includes a dictionary, tutorials, and age-specific details for parents and professionals teaching children sign, as well as information on cultural aspects of deaf life.

This site is dedicated to ASL. It's a fabulous resource for the entire family to learn from. Kids will enjoy that some of the videos also include two little girls.

ASLDefined Blog
Multiple authors populate this blog about ASL and deaf culture. Posts vary greatly and include poetry, humor, history, and other information.

If My Hands Could Speak
Although she's not deaf, Caseykins says she fell in love with sign language. Her posts end in 2012 as she was in the midst of her senior thesis project where she focused on deaf history, specifically focusing on the preservation of ASL through deaf films. Her blog is helpful for those trying to understand Deaf culture and the history of ASL.

Adam Stone is a Ph.D student studying "how the brain's establishment of visual sign phonological representations can have an advantageous impact on young deaf visual learners acquisition of English and reading success." He is also the author of the bilingual ASL and English children's ebook Pointy Three. His blog has some resources to find other ASL/English books to download.

Cochlear Implants

Cochlear Kids: Country Kids with Cochlear Implants
This blog, called "Cochlear Kids: Country Kids with Cochlear Implants" is about the blogger’s experience of raising two children with hearing loss. The blogger has a son with Goldenhar Syndrome and a daughter with moderate/severe hearing loss, and both have cochlear implants. The posts on the blog cover a variety of topics, such as raising money for cochlear implants to her daughter’s joy at getting her ears pierced.

Texas Kennys: Our Journey
This blog is one mom's journal of her son, Aiden's transition from silence to hearing with cochlear implants.

This is a forum centered on cochlear implants. They also have a link to 'The Listening Room' where people, children, teens, and adults can practice their listening skills.

Hearing Pocket
This blog focuses on cochlear implants. The posts vary in CI related content, ranging from tips to news stories.
CI Circle serves parents who have children with cochlear implants. They have a page for resources, a forum, frequently asked questions, and a blog.

CI Parent
Dean blogs about his daughter Nichole's experience with first one cochlear implant and then two. He chronicles life from 2007 to 2011, ending as Nichole begins her mainstream college education.

Cochlear Implant Online
This site helps raise awareness about cochlear implants. It has various articles such as, "HELP! My Child Isn't Making Progress With a CI!" and links for specifics about cochlear implants and the process, life with cochlear implants, and "listening and spoken language."

For the Love of Ava: Ava's Exciting Journey to the Hearing World!
Ava was diagnosed as deaf about three months after she was born and then fitted with cochlear implants when she was nine months old. Amy, the mother of Ava and six more children, shares Ava's progress to give hope to other parents. One of the many interesting details of this blog is a chart of "Ava's Spoken Words and Approximations."

This is the Cochlear Implant Awareness Foundation's site. Readers can find resources, support, a place to recycle old CI parts, buy products, and sign up for their newsletter.

Community Blogs

All Deaf Online Community is an online community where members can post and reply to online forums about topics relating to the deaf community.

The Limping Chicken
An independently run, UK-based site dedicated to deaf-related news and blogs. The Limping Chicken is a highly popular site and updates every weekday.

H3 is a broadcasting outlet that covers a wide range of news topics, from global current events to international travel to sports. H3’s videos use international sign and captions to broadcast.

Deaf Culture & Other Info.

Deaf Is
"Deaf Is" is the creation of the staff and students at the American School for the Deaf (ASD). It has pages dedicated to deaf history, technology, culture, sports, sign language, and FAQ.

This blog is dedicated to Deaf and CODA culture. It appears to have been a school assignment and may have ended in December 2013 as there have been no new posts since then. There is still plenty to read and see here though with multiple pages with general information and facts, ASL media, and deaf humor in the form of ASL videos.

Audism Free America
The title of the blog, "Audism Free America" says it all. They desire to fight against those who are prejudiced against ASL, Deaf Culture, and Deaf people. They advocate for the rights of Deaf Americans.

American Deaf Culture
This blog explains the ins-and-outs of Deaf culture, provides sign language basics, and offers inspirational looks at famous deaf people and quotes.

Rikki Poynter
Rikki is a lifestyle vlogger who is a self-professed make-up enthusiast. She brings awareness about Deaf and hard of hearing culture all while sharing with us her favorite beauty buys!

CODA Brothers
These two brothers tell funny stories about life as CODAs through their humorous skits.

NADvlogs (National Association of the Deaf)
NAD’s channel offers a series of vlogs that serves to “preserve, protect, and promote the civil, human, and linguistic rights of deaf and hard of hearing individuals in the United States of America.”
Web site: National Association of the Deaf

Educational & Other Advice

Lip Reading Mom
Shortly after having her first child, Shanna Groves developed a progressive hearing loss. Now a mother of three, Shanna seeks to educate people on lip reading and other issues, such as hearing loss bullying.

Eric Sailers
Eric Sailers is a speech-language pathologist and he spends a great deal of time on his blog detailing various apps for iOS devices. Many of which he had a hand in creating.

Heidi's Take on Deaf Education
Heidi is a teacher that specializes in ASL and English literacy. Through her blog she hopes to "my expertise and professional opinions on the education of deaf and hard of hearing students."

Hearing Care Blog
The multiple contributors for this blog are all audiologists. They share their expertise of all things hearing related, with specific pages for hearing aids, hearing loss, hearing protection, how hearing works, and tinnitus.

DeafFirefly's Blog
This deaf post-graduate student living in Bristol, England is a poet, writer, and role model for deaf kids. His blog posts cover random topics such as identity, sign language, signed poetry (British Sign Language), and much more.

Developed with math teachers of hard-of-hearing and deaf students in mind, this blog provides numerous ideas on how to help solidify math concepts. ASL videos accompany many of the posts.

DHS Self-Esteem
This links to a PDF document about how to build the self-esteem of your deaf child. It includes lined spaces for you to write how you will fulfill that step with your child. This covers issues for babies to teenagers.

This site is recommended by Deaf and HoH teacher, Gary Wellbrook, who was one of our August Featured Bloggers. He recommends this site as a way to encourage writing and reading with Deaf / HoH children (or any child).

The Last Hiccup
Jason Tozier is a deaf man who is fighting to unmask the stigmas behind Deafness and shows that a child who is deaf or HoH can grow up to be very successful.

A blog to provide empowerment, education and engagement to parents with children who are deaf of hard of hearing. Focused on making sure these children grow up just like everybody else.

Making Deaf Children Matter
Ian Noon, who is deaf himself, writes to bring awareness to children who are deaf or hard of hearing. He campaigns for deafness awareness.

Famous Deaf People

Derrick Coleman Fan Club
The "Fan Club of Derrick Coleman, Deaf Seahawks player #40" Facebook page posts articles and news about deaf NFL player Derrick Coleman.

Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Blog
It's about hearing aids! You'll also find posts about various deaf issues and a forum as well.

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Tips
This blog by Linnaea Mallette, who developed a profound hearing loss at the age of four, could be considered a one-stop-blog to educate oneself about hearing loss and resources or equipment available. She also has a Facebook page.

Success for Kids with Hearing Loss
This website was developed with both parents and professionals in mind. Plan to set aside some time to look through the large amount of information provided.

Hidden Hearing
This blog is from an Irish hearing care provider and contains posts that pertain to all ages and stages of hearing loss.

DHS Coping
This 5 page PDF discusses steps to cope with learning your child has hearing loss. It's a wonderful break down of the normal stages.


Bring me that Horizon
This blog "Bring me that Horizon" is a wealth of information, providing book suggestions on deaf culture, traveling tips for the deaf, and details on events affecting deaf people. Beyond her blog, Destiny has also created a volunteer organization designed to "Educate, Employ, and Empower" deaf people. Internships are available for both the deaf and the hearing through this site.

Deaf Characters in Adolescent Literature
The "Deaf Characters in Adolescent Literature" blog has lists and reviews of books with deaf characters for adolescents and children. She also includes interviews of several of the authors. The blog owner, Sharon Pajka, is a faculty member at Gallaudet University.

Nonprofit Organizations

Collaborative for Communication Access via Captioning (CCAC)
A Captioning advocacy non-profit organization with a blog and open resources ( as well as a members' forum online. Volunteers nationally and internationally educate and advocate for inclusion of quality captioning universally.

Deaf Child Hope
Deaf Child Hope is a Christian non-profit organization that provides for deaf living in poverty. The blog itself contains a collection of posts from various authors about children of deaf adults, deafness in general, mission trips, Christianity, among other things.

Hands & Voices
Hands and Voices began in Colorado and is now a national nonprofit organization designed to serve families with deaf and/or hard-of-hearing children. They do have annual dues to join, but do offer some scholarships. They support all methods of communication.

NCI is a nonprofit out of Ohio established to provide support, information, and encouragement to families with deaf or hard of hearing children.

Parent Blogs

Hands and Voices
Hands and Voices is a blog that posts a myriad of stories about raising a Deaf and/or hard of hearing child. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to parenting and allowing for easier access to information and resources.

Mothering three deaf daughters-my journey...
This blog is written by a mother of three Deaf children. It is insightful into the details of her daily life and experiences through their journey.

Hearing Parents of Deaf Children
"Hearing Parents of Deaf Children" is a Facebook page which posts questions from parents with deaf children about raising their children. The members of the group comment with their own advice or insights into the issue. Also, the page features stories from members about their personal experiences raising their children.

Shawn Richardson Illustration & Design
"From Silence to Song" is a blog by parents of a child with two deaf children, one of whom also has a rare lung disease.

The blog "decibels4mygirl" is a "diary of a mom raising an amazing girl who happens to be deaf." The mom created this blog to be a source of support for other parents who are raising deaf or hard of hearing children. The posts include her personal reflections about life as well as her experiences raising her child, who is profoundly deaf in both ears.

Mothering three deaf daughters
This blog shares the life of a mother with three deaf daughters.

Parenting a Hard of Hearing/Deaf Child
Kaylene is a mother of four whose oldest daughter is hard-of-hearing. Her blog discusses various issues pertinent to deaf resources and how their family has been influenced by her daughter's hearing loss.

Miss Kat's Deaf journey
"Miss Kat's" mom shares their life happenings with a daughter who has a bilateral progressive hearing loss. They have chosen the oral approach.

Ethan's World
Ethan was born profoundly deaf (now has 2 cochlear implants) and is also autistic. His mom blogs to share their lives. Some of her posts detail trauma after a faulty CI that left Ethan fearful of the audiologist, experiences with their new service dog, and an IEP appeal letter.

My Son Tom
This blog is unique because it was started in 2006 by Jason, the father of Tom who was left profoundly deaf after having Pneumococcal Meningitis when he was 20 months old. In 2011, when Tom is near 7 or 8, he "takes over" the blog. Although it hasn't been updated since 2012, it's a great insight into a parent's perspective of deafness and cochlear implants and an encouragement for other children with cochlear implants.

Lori Sortino: Deaf Son, Hearing Mother
Lori Sortino has, a now 20 year-old son, Daniel, who is deaf. Her blog tells of things she's learned along the way as she and her ex-husband advocated for their son, as well as things sheÕs learning now. Many of the posts have videos that coincide.

Hear me... Hear me not...
This mother blogs about her son's mild moderate hearing loss. Although she did not begin blogging until her son, AC, was 11, many posts refer to previous experiences. As of the last post in 2013, AC was 16.

Magic Ear Kids
This blog is described as "a resource for parents of children with hearing loss." Childhood hearing loss is the specialty of blogger Joey Lynn Resciniti.

Good But Hard
Susannah blogs often about their lives since they discovered "Little M's" profound hearing loss. Little M eventually moves from hearing aids to cochlear implants. The blog reflects Susannah's artistic eye as she writes in an often poetic style and includes many photographs.

No Peas
This blog tells the hearing journey of "Peas," who was born profoundly deaf. He went on to have bilateral cochlear implants, to attend a mainstream pre-school, and then a mainstream Kindergarten. He learns to advocate for himself and finds his FM unit in the classroom to be a great help.

The Lawrence Triplets
Cormac, one of the Lawrence triplets, was born profoundly deaf. He received bilateral cochlear implants at 13 months. His mother shares their lives and her experiences as a mentor for Advanced Bionics.

Impaired but Empowered
Prisha's mother uses her blog to demonstrate how her little girl is not impaired, but empowered by her deafness. Prisha is currently in a mainstream elementary school and wears hearing aids.

Insight of a Mom with Two Implanted Boys
This insightful blog is by Lisa, a mother of seven, whose oldest and youngest sons have cochlear implants.

No Small Thing
This blog focuses on a mom’s life raising a child who is deaf, along with family life. One of her three children is deaf, and she describes her experiences.

Bianca Birdsey: Mothering three deaf daughters — my journey
Bianca is a mother to three deaf daughters and shares her experiences with parenting deaf children as a hearing parent. She wants to encourage other parents and challenge professionals.

Stansel Journey
This blog explores the life of a family that has lost multiple children and currently have one child with profound hearing loss. Not only do they discuss their daughters journey to getting a cochlear implant, they discuss parenting a child with hearing loss while also having other children with disabilities.

Personal Stories & Experiences

Signs of Life
This vlog/blog is written by a college student. It documents her experience in Ethiopia last summer working with Visions Global Empowerment.

Xpressive Handz
"Xpressive Handz" is a blog by a woman who was a hard of hearing child and grew up to be a deaf adult. She mainly posts about news in the deaf community and her experiences with hearing loss, but she also includes a variety other topics she finds interesting.

Cacophony to Symphony
"Cacophony to Symphony" is the blog of a teenage girl who has progressive hearing loss and cochlear implants. She posts about her hearing loss, as well as her every-day experiences with family, friends, and school.

A Deaf Boy in a Loud World
"A Deaf Boy in a Loud World" is a blog by a deaf teenage boy with hearing aids. He makes insightful comments about embracing life with hearing loss, despite the challenges of living in a hearing world.

Deaf Mom Archives
Karen Putz, who was deafened by age nineteen, is the author of multiple books, including The Parenting Journey, Raising Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children. Her blog is very upbeat and blends aspects of parenting, barefoot water skiing, deafness, and everyday life issues.

Deaf Expressions
Michele, who, by her own description, is "stone deaf," teaches ASL, writes, and mothers her three hearing children. Her blog focuses on a variety of topics relevant to a deaf person, often with a great deal of humor and sarcasm. It would be difficult to get through a post without at least a smile.

Sound for Light
Jennifer Stuessy's blog focuses on life as a hard-of-hearing mother and wife. She incorporates a lot of humor into her blog posts.

In the world, but not of the world...
Many would recognize Sarah from the viral 2011 YouTube video of hearing her voice for the first time at age 29 following her cochlear implant. Sarah is a wife and mother and details their life in her blog.

Do You Hear What I See?
This blog is written by Amy who has a moderate to severe bilateral sensorineural hearing loss. Her son also has a hearing loss. Although Amy only shares their lives on the blog for three years, she has many informative and often humorous posts about misreading lips, auditory verbal therapy, and the benefits of being hard of hearing.

Hearing Sparks
Megan is an ADA coordinator for a public library. She is also deaf. Her blog contains useful information about hearing loss, accessibility, as well as "science and geeky stuff."

Deafinitely Girly
Deafinitely Girly, a blog run by a writer for the Hearing Times newspaper, documents the everyday musings of a deaf girl who lives in the city.

Hearing Like Me
This website follows almost every aspect of life as a HoH or deaf person. There is an entire section on parenting and schooling, and even teens.

At The Rim
This blog shares personal experiences from those with family members who are hard of hearing or are hard of hearing themselves. They also update daily news from the hard of hearing world.

A Deaf Mum Shared Her World — Ageless Passions
Karen’s whole family is deaf, including her three children and her husband. She is also a Passion Mentor. This blog explores her job and also her family life.

Confessions of a DeafBlind Mother
Tracy is a mother to three hearing children but is blind and deaf herself. She shares her stories and wants to make all people feel welcome. She also focuses on common dos & don’ts of interaction, dispelling myths, etc.

Service Dogs

Owen Tales
Owen is a service dog that has his own book series! Owen's mom uses ASL to talk to him. This is a great blog that shows exactly what a service dog does.

Dogs for the Deaf
Dogs for the Deaf rescues and trains dogs to be placed with people who have hearing loss or autism.

Speech Therapy

Mommy Speech Therapy
Heidi Hanks of the "Mommy Speech Therapy" blog is a speech-language pathologist and a mother of 4. The website includes free printable "speech therapy worksheets," a large list of helpful links, and many posts about speech therapy, special education, and other helpful bits of information.

Auditory Verbal Parents
Although the blog posts end in 2011, there are a lot of resources and information about auditory verbal therapy from the experienced perspective of two moms.

Listening for Life
Listening for Life provides the ins-and-outs to auditory-verbal therapy.

Young Bloggers

Buzy Beez Blog
This is the daughter of Val from Cochlear Kids. It is quite an inspiration for any other budding young bloggers out there.

One Deaf Girl
This is the Tumblr blog of a Deaf girl. It allows the reader insight into her world and her experiences as a Deaf teenager.
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