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Going the Extra Mile: Camp Imua

“Camp Imua is a place where children with all forms of disabilities can come and be themselves. Camp offers a supportive and inclusive environment that is free from judgment. Campers get to participate in activities that they may not otherwise get the opportunities to participate in. Camp is free and runs for an entire week.”

So said Shawn Boeckman, Program Director of Camp Imua, during an interview with Such a simple statement, and yet one that few camps are able to accommodate these years, even as it approaches its 40th anniversary this coming year. Camp Imua is a camp, free of cost to campers and maintained through various fundraising and donations from appreciative families and workers. “No camper or caregiver is required to pay to participate in Camp Imua. All money raised goes directly to fund the costs of the program. Our annual budget is currently about $142,000 including administrative costs. This is made possible by the generous support of the community and the many in-kind donations.”

Camp Imua is a place for young children with disabilities, mainly between the ages of 6-16, to go and experience a camp that is able to provide and understand the care and treatment of their various needs.Camp Imua takes place at Camp Maluhia, near the town of Kahakuloa. Here they are given the opportunity to come together and experience different activities in a safe and enjoyable environment. In our interview with Shawn he stated, “Activities range from horseback riding, swimming, arts & crafts, music, dance, tumbling, an ice cream social, glow party, talent show, outdoor movies, games, helicopter tours, zip-lining, climbing, and much more.”

In order to provide this kind of an environment, Camp Imua makes sure to hire staff that is up to the task of making sure that each child is taken care of and provided for. Each camper receives three caregivers that are individually trained and instructed on their camper’s needs. This is added on to the nurses and the other staff that Camp Imua already offers.

Camp Imua opens on June 5th and concludes on June 9th, with staff starting on June 3rd in order to finish training before the campers arrive. Camp Imua puts their campers first, providing them with the best care possible without concerning themselves with the cost. The camp is able to reach this funding by showing a consistent level of care and skill when it comes to taking care of every camper’s individual needs. The world needs more camps like Imua, caring more about growth over profit.

To learn more about Camp Imua, visit their website here.

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